Business Resilience

Business Resilience

How exposed are you to threats? Are you ready to respond to a major crisis?

At the Scottish Business Resilience Centre, we have a team of experts who work across all aspects of business resilience, to help you identify and avoid incidents that could compromise the safety of your staff, customers or business activities.

We offer a range of business resilience services, including:

Physical Security
The protection of your buildings, property and people from unauthorised or criminal intrusion are vital to your business. Understanding your risk exposure and applying security effectively and proportionately will provide your business with optimum protection. Security that is too light may expose you to unnecessary risk while too much security will be a waste of your financial resources.

Managing Incidents, issues and risks
Control and containment of incidents that happen from time to time will significantly enhance your ability to return to business as usual as quickly as possible. Tools, techniques and processes for assessing risk, understanding threats and managing incidents can be developed and implemented very simply without the need for complex procedures.

Business travel – safety and security
Staff, contractors and companies travelling as part of your business require to be safe and secure throughout their journeys, be they domestic or international. Failure to understand your duty of care responsibilities or compliance with the law (Health & Safety, Corporate Manslaughter) and to have clear security/safety process could expose you and your business to unnecessary risk.

Scenario Planning
A first class way of training is to expose people to real life scenarios in a non-threatening environment. This enable people to work through company policies, potential incidents, risks and legal responsibilities at their own pace, understand the “what’s” and the “why’s” and is a great way of developing a strong culture of policy compliance within your business.

The service offered will be aligned to the strategic needs of your business, therefore providing you with a custom made package, tailored to your unique business requirements.

We also offer bespoke consultancy services in Financial Resilience, Cyber Security and Counter Terrorism. 

For more information on all our business resilience services, contact us today.

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