Retail and Tourism

Retail and Tourism

Retail employs 253,490 Scots – 13.4% of the total private sector workforce- and is one of the country’s most dynamic industries. Along with wholesale it accounted for 15% of all new businesses formed in Scotland in 2013. Scotland has 23,550 retail outlets, 11.9% of all business outlets and there is an annual spend of around £2.55bn in Glasgow which is the UKs second biggest shopping destination.

The tourism sector is of vital importance to the Scottish economy - Latest figures indicate total overnight and day visitor expenditure in Scotland was around £8.9 billion in 2015 - this comprised of expenditure from overnight visitors of £4.9 billion and expenditure by day visitors of £3.9 billion.  In 2015 Scotland attracted over 14.6 million visitors.

Spending by tourists in Scotland generates around £12 billion of economic activity in the wider Scottish supply chain and contributes around £6 billion to Scottish GDP (in basic prices). This represents about 5% of total Scottish GDP.

Employment in the tourism-related industries sector (as measured by the Scottish Government’s Tourism Growth Sector) in Scotland was 196,000 in 2014 – accounting for around 7.7% of employment in Scotland.

These facts highlight the very significant contribution that both sectors make towards growth within the Scottish economy, but equally highlight, due to the large number of SMEs within each sector, the lucrative opportunities that criminals may exploit. Many of these are continuing problems like robbery, theft and violence towards workers. However, there are new and challenging threats emerging from cyber criminality. At SBRC we continually monitor current and emerging threats and engage with businesses to assist them in identifying and reducing vulnerability.  


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