Secure Supply Chain Scotland & Secure Transport

Secure Supply Chain Scotland & Secure Transport

SSCS works with its members to protect their products and cargoes by developing crime prevention measures, exchanging information on relevant security and regulatory issues, sharing best practice and circulating intelligence.

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Goods in transit - from manufacturer to customer or retail outlets - can present a tempting target for criminals.

So, to combat crimes in the supply chain, alcohol producers, hi-tech product manufacturers, hauliers and freight forwarders in Scotland joined forces as the Secure Supply Chain Scotland (SSCS).

Based at the Scottish Business Resilience Centre (SBRC), SSCS works with its members to protect their products and cargoes by developing crime prevention measures, exchanging information on relevant security and regulatory issues, sharing best practice and circulating intelligence.

Members can get advice, guidance and practical assistance on all aspects of business crime prevention and receive regular crime alerts. SSCS members also work in partnership with the Scottish Government and the police to identify and target criminal activity affecting their businesses.

Access to SBRC's Best Practice Database, the open sharing of best practice and general discussion on the suitability and cost effectiveness of new crime reduction methods have proven to be of real benefit to SSCS members.

To join SSCS, contact Stewart Hurry, SSCS Project Manager on 01786 447441 or email​


  • Our Story

    Secure Supply Chain Scotland (SSCS) (previously - Distribution Industry Partnership Scotland) is a unique partnership consisting of alcohol spirit producers, associated hauliers and freight forwarders, logistic providers, delivery companies and insurance houses which has been in existence since 1990.

    The group were originally formed due to a series of attacks on vehicles carrying spirits between distribution centres and point of sale or export. The producers held informal discussions about what could be done to protect not only the goods but also the drivers and before long they formed an official group know then as the Drinks Industry Partnership Scotland.

    With the focus now much broader than just spirits, the name has been changed to reflect the broadening influence and focus.

  • Our Management Committee


    John Fallen                     Chairperson, Wm Grant & Son

    Derek Milne                    Vice Chairperson, Malcolm Group (Logistics)

    David Wallace                 Vice Chairperson, JG Russell

    Paule Mayoh                   Royal & Sun Alliance

    John Melrose                  Malcolm Group (Logistics)

    Tom Cavanagh                J Dewar & Son Ltd

    Hugh Hamill                    JF Hillebrand

    Joan McDonnell              Chivas Brothers Ltd        

    Gerard McCready           Diageo

  • Testimonials

    ''Being Chairman of DIPs places me in the centre of a professional organisation made up of many experts who endeavour to make our supply chains more secure.  Membership consists of some of the biggest names in Drink and Haulage and the power of the group comes from our combined desire to ensure we stay one step ahead of the criminal fraternity that would target us.  Our strength is in partnership, why not join us and become part of something amazing.''

    John Fallen, DIPS Chairman, William Grant & Sons Distillers Ltd


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  • Contact Us

    If you would like find out more about DIPS or make an enquiry about becoming a member please e-mail SSCS Project Manager Stewart Hurry or call 01786 447 441.

Members of SSCS can access the following services.

  • Maintaining Access to Intelligence and Information Databases

    DIPS has the capability to gather, share and process information and intelligence from a variety of sources, which gives member companies not only a distinct advantage over competitors, but also increased protection from crime. Through a simple but effective incident reporting process within DIPS, allied to its links with law enforcement and intelligence gathering organisations, relevant information and intelligence about current or emerging threats within the UK and beyond is gathered, assessed and circulated to members on a regular basis. The information can be analysed to look at seasonal trends and provide reports on a variety of issues which companies can use for forward planning and mitigation of risk. The gathering, storage and processing of the information, intelligence and any personal data is done in a manner which complies with data protection legislation.

  • Representing the Interests of Companies

    DIPS is a representative body which has a number of goals that are common to all its members. The organisation stands for and promotes the ideas and interests of the members. As a distinct group within the Supply Chain Workstream, it has a unique association with SBRC and all the benefits that it entails. DIPS champions the interests of companies who deal with both local and central Government on issues affecting an individual member but also on matters of national importance. The close links with other representative bodies associated with the haulage and logistics industry mean that our influence is wide ranging and has reputational integrity within the industry

  • Information Sharing

    One of the major functions of DIPS as an organisation is the sharing of information. Information and intelligence is channelled via a single point of contact, the DIPS Project Manager. An assessment is made based on Necessity, Proportionality, Relevance, Accuracy, Time and Security of all information before it is released to ensure its integrity. Crimes and incidents are reported by members as well as via various organisations who collate information and intelligence from across the world. The details are then assessed and circulated to members. Alerts relating to road closures, accidents, roadworks and weather warnings are also reviewed and redirected to assist member companies and their staff.

  • Development of Best Practice & Procedure


    The industry within which DIPS members operate is highly regulated with a variety of standards and accreditations. As a result, the focus of DIPS is developing best practice processes relating to security, resilience and risk management across the supply chain. It is recognised that one size does not fit all, but depends on the size of the company and the business portfolio. That said, issues such as incident recording and reporting have been tackled successfully with a pro-forma incident reporting document adopted which is suitable irrespective of the type of incident that has occurred. Other adopted processes are an agreed procedure with Police Scotland should a cargo theft occur and a Vulnerable Load Scheme adopted by drivers during a ‘vehicle stop'.

  • Communication on Security and Legislative Matters

    DIPS has, through its Project Manager, a single point of contact for other representative organisations with which it has links. Organisations such as the Road Haulage Association (RHA), the Freight Transport Association (FTA) and British Standards Institute (BSI) work in partnership on mutually beneficial projects to ensure that all companies represented are better equipped to deal with changes in legislation both within the UK and beyond. Security advice and information is exchanged regularly and this includes incident reporting, as well as developments in technology that are designed to protect various aspects of the company business. All representative organisations provide a slightly different focus for members, with DIPS being a leader in business continuity advice and guidance within the distribution industry.

  • Communications with Emergency Services

    As a representative body for the distribution industry, DIPS are uniquely positioned to have access to, and partnership agreements with, all the emergency services, from executive level to front-line officers. Through its base within SBRC, DIPS has formal partnership arrangements for information sharing and intelligence-sharing which can be done in real time giving companies and staff currently on the road across the UK, access to potentially invaluable information. The lines of communication also allow developing trends to be identified early and action taken by members to mitigate any possible impact on business. Our links with emergency services continue to develop and improve, benefiting all concerned.

  • Active Engagement with Scottish Government

    As a member of DIPS, companies benefit from strength in numbers with protection and support moving forward. The history and heritage of its members and the collaborative nature of the organisation make it well placed to stand up to the challenges faced in competitive markets. The association with the SBRC and its combined resources ensures that where issues arise or government policy is open to consultation or discussion, the voice of DIPS members is greater than the sum of its parts. The significance of being able to attend an annual Parliamentary Reception with access to government Ministers and public servants should not be underestimated, and we appreciate this interest and support.

  • Dedicated DIPS Project Manager

    Having a dedicated Project Manager based within SBRC means;

    • Improved efficiency in processes associated with the organisation
    • A guaranteed level of quality and results that meet the requirements and expectations of members
    • Allows staff members to focus on their area of business increasing efficiency for both the project and within individual businesses
    • Improved efficiency for staff and outside organisations with a single point of contact running the overall project
    • Consistent and effective communications amongst the membership
    • A cost effective and efficiently coordinated project with easy access to specialist knowledge and training




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