Ready Scotland Advice for Upcoming Weather

Ready Scotland Advice for Upcoming Weather

 With the mix of yellow warnings for wind and snow in place for Scotland, here are some key pieces of advice. 

 *   Keep aware of the weather forecast by checking the Met Office website

 *   If you do have to travel, plan your journey, allow extra time and be prepared, for example by having an emergency kit should you be travelling by car

 *   If the snow does lie, safely and carefully try to keep paths and driveways clear. It's easier to clear snow before it gets packed down.

 *   Wrap up warm with layers, and keep at least one room in your home warm. Hot food helps keep you warm from the inside.

 *   There is an increased risk of power cuts during periods of high wind and heavy snow. So it's important to take simple steps to prepare for a short period without electricity

 *   Remember to check on neighbours you think might need an extra helping hand

You can visit for more information.

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