DIPS and BSI Supply Chain Services and Solutions working in partnership to improve supply chain resilience

This strategic partnership will create new opportunities to increase and improve supply chain resilience for businesses operating in Scotland through a number of awareness raising campaigns and initiatives. One of the main aims of the partnership between SBRC and BSI is to provide practical advice and information that will be of real benefit to companies involved in the haulage and logistics industry. The intelligence report ‘NaVCIS Freight Quarter 1 Review 2017’ is the first example of one of the benefits of this collaborative relationship. These reports will develop over time as more businesses and agencies across the UK contribute to make the report an invaluable tool in managing risk within your supply chain.

If you require any further information about DIPS or our strategic partnership with BSI, please do not hesitate to contact Stewart Hurry Stewart.Hurry@sbrcentre.co.uk  

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