Closure & Parking Restrictions 4 Aies on the A16 & A26 Motorway (France)

Due to the migration problems in the Pas de Calais region, 3 highway parking areas on the A26 and A16 are to close as well as a 1 service area on the A26 motorway which will be subject to restrictions until June 30, 2017.

▪ Highway A16:

The rest area of Bois de la Commanderie, located at km 203 in the direction of Paris to Boulogne, is closed.   This has 7 truck parking spaces & toilets – no fuel.

However, to allow truck drivers to make their breaks, the Falaises de  Widehem Est (PK 227)(6 truck spaces) and the La Baie de Somme  (PK 179) services, which has 50 truck parking spaces, & fuel remain OPEN 

▪ Highway A26:
The rest areas of Nortkerque (PK 12) (5 truck spaces & toilets – no fuel) and La Grande Bucaille (PK 67) (15 truck spaces & toilets – no fuel) from Reims towards Calais are closed, whereas Villefleur (PK 46) (10 truck spaces & toilets)  remains accessible.

The parking lot reserved for heavy vehicles (40 spaces) in the Saint-Hilaire-Cottes service area will be inaccessible. However, the fuel station, as well as services and restaurants for the area, remain open.


FNTR, the French transport association, also advised that a decree had been issued by Prefet du Nord stating that the parking areas at Saint-Laurent (18 truck space & fuel) on the A25 and Grande-Synthe (11 truck space & fuel) on A16 will also be closed for at least a month.


A map below provided by SANEF identifies where the aires are that have been closed.  This does not show the Saint Laurent or Grande Synthe sites, a section from google maps has been provided.


Currently no protest appears to have been made by FNTR regarding these closures, even though their members may well be affected also. Further information as to the affects of these closures is being sought from Calais.



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