Logistics News - December 20th

Logistics News - December 20th

European Commission’s international haulage proposal - RHA 

The European Commission is proposing that UK and EU operators could carry goods between the UK and EU member states until the end of December 2019.  

Whilst this is considered to be a pragmatic and practical proposal, it does contain heavy restrictions, both explicit and implied. It’s time limited and the Commission has said it retains the right to cancel at any time.It’s is also conditional on the reciprocation of the UK. 

The Commission has ruled out allowing cabotage in the EU. It appears that cross-trade will not be allowed, and transit movements are not referenced at all.  

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Labour MP’s lorry Tax - RHA 

The RHA has hit back after reports that a Labour MP is planning a £12k per lorry tax if they come to power. 

Shadow treasury minister, Clive Lewis, wants to increase Vehicle Exercise Duty to cut pollution. He suggested HGVs should pay £6bn more in taxes – equating to more than £12k per lorry every year. 




UK to remain in Community Transit Convention - RHA 

The UK will stay in the Common Transit Convention, even if there’s a no-deal Brexit. 

This news comes after the government finalised CTC negotiations with the EU. 

This means goods will continue to be transported freely between the UK and the European Free Trade Association (EFTA). Customs duties and declarations would only be paid when goods arrive at their final destination. 


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‘Mafia-style protection racket’ - RHA 

Parking company Proserve, has come under fire after systematically fining hauliers. 

The parking firm has been consistently handing out fines to drivers who were simply delivering or collecting goods at distribution centres that it manages.  

Fines of £250 and are being handed to drivers who stop for any amount of time on Proserve sites without parking in an official space. 

More than 30 haulage firms have raised concerns over Proserve’s operations. These grievances are supported by local MP Dr Dan Poulter, who has raised the issue in the House of Commons. 


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Severn Bridge tolls scrapped - RHA 

The RHA welcomes the Severn Bridge toll removal. But concerns remain that congestion along the bridge could lead to delays for hauliers, impacting business. 

Scrapping the toll will lead to more money in pockets, which will boost the local economy. 


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