Logistics News - 11th July

Logistics News - 11th July

  •  RHA condemns truckers who make money on the backs of migrants

The Road Haulage Association strongly condemns UK-bound truck drivers who are being paid to smuggle migrants across the Channel.

This latest report from the National Crime Agency says organised criminal gangs are concealing people on vehicles and that some drivers are colluding with them for financial gain.

Some unscrupulous drivers are being offered £2000 for each migrant they are willing to smuggle into the UK – the same figure that they will get fined if the migrants are subsequently found.

“They think they’re in a win-win situation,” said RHA chief executive Richard Burnett. “They’re not. They are simply putting  even more lives at risk – their own and those of the migrants they conceal.

“Their actions are putting the lives of honest, hard-working drivers at even further risk.

“Since 2015 we have been calling for the military to be deployed to bring the area under control and it needs to happen immediately."

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"UK – After DEFRA and the Department of Transport (DoT) recently released their supplement to the UK plan for tackling roadside NOx, adding a further 33 local authorities to the 27 already tasked to clean up their air, and now making a total of 60 towns and cities that have to take some action to tackle the air quality in their areas, there has been a concerted set of objections from the road haulage and freight lobby."

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