Top ten threats to logistics: compliance

Top ten threats to logistics: compliance

Continuing with our ‘top 10 biggest threats to logistics’ as given by industry experts, this week we’re discussing compliance.

During the Supply Chain Risk Management and Mitigation Workshop F&L Conference in Gothenburg in May last year, the audience were asked from their own business perspective, what they thought were the biggest threats to the supply chain.


Within the supply chain, compliance is a common challenge which organisations must navigate. Rules, regulations and standards will vary dependant on location and the products which are being manufactured or sold. Some sectors are heavily regulated whilst others less so. Meeting the most exacting standards across the manufacture and distribution network ensures compliance at all stages. Where difficulties arise is when standards are constantly changing with little or no notice to allow for compliance with new standards in a structured and planned way.

Maintaining the highest standards possible will minimise the likelihood of disruption through change and can be used in a positive way through marketing and brand promotion. Ensuring the highest standards from suppliers of both goods and services will also minimise potential disruption. Agility within the company improves resilience irrespective of the risk. Organisations should ensure that the responsibility for looking at future potential regulatory changes is being addressed, allowing others to focus fully on the day to day business.

Top Ten Threats to Logistics

Threat 1 – Insider Threat

Threat 2 - Theft

Threat 3 – Unexpected Incidents

Threat 4 – Terrorism

Threat 5 - Reputational Damage 

Threat 6 - Capacity 

Threat 7 - Infrastructure 

Threat 8 - Cyber-attacks

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