Top ten threats to logistics: cyber-attacks

Top ten threats to logistics: cyber-attacks

Continuing with our ‘top 10 biggest threats to logistics’ as given by industry experts, this week we’re looking at cyber-attacks.  

During the Supply Chain Risk Management and Mitigation Workshop F&L Conference in Gothenburg in May last year, the audience were asked from their own business perspective, what they thought were the biggest threats to the supply chain.


Cyber-attacks can be designed to impact on the functionality of a company, to extract a reward by denying access to systems until a reward is paid or to access goods and services through fraudulent activity with no means or intention to pay.

Attacks can be launched against systems directly or on personnel who then carry out activities from within the organisation.

Cyber security is used as an all-inclusive term to describe measures taken to protect a computer system against unauthorised access or attack. Security strategies will include tools, policies, safeguards, guidelines, risk management approaches, training, best practices, assurance and technologies that can be used to protect the cyber environment and organisation’s assets.

Assets include connected computing devices, personnel, infrastructure, telecommunications systems, and any transmitted and/or stored information in the company’s systems.

Security strategies and policies should be tested and reviewed independently of IT providers in order that the perceived levels of security are being delivered.

When attacks happen, effective procedures that are adhered to are vital. Back-up systems will simplify and speed up the recovery from such an attack, minimising disruption and the financial implications.

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Top Ten Threats to Logistics

Threat 1 – Insider Threat

Threat 2 - Theft

Threat 3 – Unexpected Incidents

Threat 4 – Terrorism

Threat 5 - Reputational Damage 

Threat 6 - Capacity 

Threat 7 - Infrastructure 

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