Logistics: 'Final Mile Cargo Report’ published

Logistics: 'Final Mile Cargo Theft Report’ published

The 'Final Mile Cargo Theft Report’ has been published by BSI and TAPA (Transported Asset Protection Association). 

The rise of eCommerce has created an assortment of challenges for supply chains, including new security risks. 

In this report, BSI’s SCREEN Intelligence Team and TAPA IIS Team provide a detailed breakdown of these new challenges and the risks associated with them. 

TAPA and BSI teamed with BSI Principal Consultant, Mr. David Fairnie, to tackle the risks associated with last mile cargo theft and developed a client survey to gain further insights into the issue. 

Commenting on the report, Stewart Hurry, SBRC’s Secure Supply Chain Scotland Project Manager & Secure Transport Lead, said: “At this time we are focused on our response to the ongoing pandemic but when time allows, some of the points and questions raised could give companies that chance to review current practices and make some plans/changes that will help them be more resilient going forward.”

You can read the report in full here.

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