Cyber Security Assessment

Cyber Security Assessment

When you buy a burglar alarm or security system an engineer visits your premises to install it and make sure it is correctly configured, so why should your IT systems be any different? Cyber security assessments test your IT deployment and system configurations to ensure that your company is not wide open to cyber-attack. If your system is going to be put to the test, it is better it is tested by you than by a criminal. Find out about our internal and external security assessments below.


Internal Security Assessment

An internal security assessment consists of recreating an intrusion attempt both as an external attacker, after having breached the external security perimeter via techniques such as malware sent in an e-mail being activated, or as a malicious intruder, such as a rogue cleaner or visitor. This includes vulnerability scanning and other on-site services such as port access control and testing for insecure WiFi. This assessment illustrates a company’s resilience towards an internal attack from within their computer network whilst identifying and offering solutions to existing configuration and system deployment issues. This is your chance to identify any security issues and prevent someone from taking full control of your network and denying you access.


External Security Assessment

An external security assessment consists of recreating an intrusion attempt both as a targeted attacker, after obtaining external network addresses from reconnaissance, or as a random attacker gaining addresses from an internet scan. This assessment highlights a company’s resilience against attacks on their internet facing systems, which can be silently exploited by off-site attackers in various ways such as to exfiltrate company data, deface your website and generally cause reputational damage. 

If you would like to book a cyber security assessment or would just like to find out more, please e-mail or call 01786 447 441.

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