Online Footprint Assessment

Online Footprint Assessments

Just how dangerous is your online footprint? Using minimal information we can employ the same techniques and tools used by hackers to help you discover what information you expose online. Our online footprint assessments offer an in depth report containing all publicly available information on either you, individuals in your company, or your company itself.

Personal Footprint Assessment

A member of our Cyber Team will carry out a full digital investigation into an individual. This includes analysis of Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Electoral Roll, personal blogs and many other online communities. The results will be compiled into a dossier containing all publicly available information on the individual which can include family members, past addresses, employer information and friends and associates. This is information that anyone can find out about you to use however they wish. It’s wise to be proactive in finding out all of the information which is readily available about you online. Only then can you take steps to tailor the information that is available to suit your personal and security needs. If the information you have available online is enough to enable someone to steal your identity, you should find this out before someone else does.


Corporate Footprint Assessment

A corporate footprint will determine how much data an attacker can enumerate for a targeted attack against your company. This would constitute part of the reconnaissance phase of an attack and could be used to map your network or corporate structure. This assessment searches for public facing business data, employee data and external facing computer systems such as email servers or websites. This data is useful for spear-phishing, further exploitation and gaining internal network access. A corporate footprint allows you to evaluate the risks associated with public facing information and will provide suitable recommendations on reducing possible attack vectors. This is an exceptional opportunity to find out all of the online intelligence a potential attacker could find out about your company and the ways in which they could use this information against you.

If you would like to book an Online Footprint Assessment or would just like to find out more, please e-mail or call 01786 447 441.

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