Covid-19 webinars

Scottish Business Cares hosts a series of 60 minute webinars to provide a chance for attendees to understand and ask questions about topics which will help businesses prepare to survive during, and post, Covid-19.

All previous webinars are now available to view in full - click the title to be taken to the video on the SBRC YouTube channel.


Leadership masterclass: sharing the secrets of success 

Hugh Little, Chairman of CLAN Cancer Support joins us to deliver an engaging online seminar on what takes good leadership to great leadership.

Looking at Covid-19 and the city of Aberdeen: an update

We welcome guests including host Graeme Gordon CEO of IFB, in our latest webinar looking at the city of Aberdeen and the future post Covid-19. 

Business resumption: part two

During the second business resumption webinar, we look at prioritising people safety and business information safety. 

Fireside chat for the VC community 

We're joined by members of the VC community for an informal chat about how the industry has been affected by the pandemic and what it may mean in the future.  

Cyber resilience for care homes

Our team of ethical hackers give advice to the care home industry on how to ensure they stay safe while online and using smart devices. 

How to build a resilient mindset

We're joined by author and renowned speaker Emma J Bell as she shares her teachings on how to build a resilient mindset. 

Looking at Covid-19 and the response in Dundee

We're joined by guests including Council Leader John Alexander of Dundee City Council, to look at the impact of the pandemic on the city of Dundee.

An update on the work of Covid-19 in Aberdeen in response to Covid-19

In this session, we're joined by organisations based in Aberdeen to continue the previous discussion on how Aberdeen has been responding to the impact of Covid-19.

Credit unions and Covid-19 challenges

Associate Grahame Clarke hosts a webinar specifically for credit unions looking at the challenges the pandemic has given and how to move forward. 

Covid-19 response in the Highlands and Islands 

Our team of cyber experts along with guests from Police Scotland, give advice to organisations in the Highlands and Islands on cyber scams to be aware of. 

Business resumption

This webinar looks at the key issues business owners should be thinking about as well as steps they can take to reshape their business for a post-Covid-19 world. 

Looking at Aberdeen and Covid-19 

We look at the impact of the pandemic on Aberdeen and how organisations in the city have been coping.

An update on funding for start-ups

Our team of panelists divulge into the funding options available for start-up companies.

An update with VCs here and in America

We're joined by guests from the venture capital community to discuss the impact Covid-19 has had on investment. 

A HR overview

Our panel of HR professionals discuss how the pandemic has impacted their organisations and discuss best practice.  

Supply chain and Covid-19

In this session, we're joined by guests from the Road Haulage Association to discuss the impact of the pandemic on the supply chain.

Covid-19 and counterfeit goods

Rachel Jones from Snap Dragon Monitoring IP hosts this session on the rise of counterfeit goods.

Securing vacant premises 

PC David MacCrimmon is joined by SFRS Watch Manager Gary Wood and other guests to give advice to businesses on securing their premises.  

The dos and don'ts of video conferencing

SBRC's team of ethical hackers discuss best practice and security when it comes to video meetings. 

Communications during Covid-19 

We're joined by guests from the marcomms industry on what businesses should be looking at in terms of messaging to their audience at this difficult time. 

An update on Covid-19 funding

Our panel of experts from the legal industry and private sector break down what new funding announcements mean for businesses.

Leadership and people

Our panel of experts from the legal industry and private sector break down what new funding announcements mean for businesses.

Cyber Scams 

SBRC along with experts including NCSC CEO Ciaran Martin, discuss the latest cyber scams which have been circulating since the start of the pandemic. 

Covid-19 and Venture Capital

During Tuesday's webinar, we spoke with experts in the venture capital community on topics such as investment for young companies.

Legal implications of Covid-19 on business

In this session, our panel of legal expert guests explored topics such as regulatory challenges for business continuity, business restructuring and staying on the right side of insolvency laws, employment matters and government loan schemes. 


Uniting Scottish businesses in the fight against Covid-19. 

During our very first Scottish Business Cares webinar, we look at the current situation for businesses such as home working, furlough and other aspects we're facing during the pandemic. 

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