We've had some fantastic feedback on our webinars to date.

For small businesses it can be very hard to get good advice, for lots of different reasons. You made a big difference to me and my business today by offering the advice you did. You will be very busy I am sure, but what you have done today really was over and above the call of duty and I wanted to make sure you know what a difference advice like yours means to me and I am sure many in the small business community.

Keith Wilson

The webinars have been excellent. The content, presenters and interesting and relevant information has been really worthwhile. I have learned a lot, and look forward to further engagement via SBRC. Many thanks. Greatly appreciated.


In my opinion, by far the most relevant and informative webinars out there; thanks to Jude and the team for identifying the requirement for up-to-the-minute, applicable and engaging content.


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